Secure New Gas And Electric Rates With Us

Citytalk Group has partnered with Fidelity Energy Brokers to offer our clients the ultimate gas and electric package to suit your business needs. We provide a completely free of charge, no obligation gas and electric audit and in addition, we offer energy management services. Our management services help to ensure you have the best value deal on the market.

With twenty different suppliers in our catalogue, some of which do not sell directly to businesses, we can provide unrivalled quotes spanning from one to five years.

Our energy management service means that you can kick back and leave the heavy lifting to us. With our bill validation service, we ensure that your current energy provider is charging you the agreed rates, and not being taken advantage of. Our structuring of a co-terminus allows you to align a common contract end date for all your agreements.

Our proactive contract management ensures that you never fall out of contract rates. This means you'll never be paying more than you agreed to! We also manage moves, add ons and changes to your energy needs.

Our Benefits

Save Your Pennies - Our rates are unmatched and only available through us.

Dedicated Team - Our team members offer proactive service to all our clients.

We'll Do The Heavy Lifting - Our managed services mean we do all the hard work for you.

Some frequently asked questions

What will I need to do to move suppliers?

Nothing! We do all of that for you. We handle your transfer and everything that comes with it. All you need to do is sign the paperwork once it has been done.

Can you save me money on my business gas and electric?

Yes, we can. We work with a number of suppliers, some of which don't sell directly to businesses. This means we are able to provide competitive pricing.