Commercial Security Services Tailored To You

Your security is our goal! We offer a variety of commercial security systems to give you peace of mind, from CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and even vehicle tracking. Our security specialists can ensure that your security system is working for you.

Rest assured that our services don't stop at the installation of your commercial security system. Our systems come with 24-hour monitoring and support, meaning that in the event of an intruder, your alarm will be responded to.

Our vehicle tracking services allow you to maintain a fully efficient fleet of vehicles. Tracking also allows you to provide better customer service and peak productivity from your drivers. Vehicle tracking provides you full confidence in the safety of your vehicles.

Our Benefits

A variety of security systems - Safeguard yourself, your business and assets.

Expert installation - Our team of security installation experts will ensure your systems are running correctly.

Monitored Security - Peace of mind knowing any home or business intrusion will be dealt with.

Fleet visibility - Know at all times where your vehicles are, resulting in optimum productivity.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth having CCTV at home?

There are many benefits to installing CCTV at your home. It is a proven fact that CCTV systems are a deterrent to pre-planned crimes. In the event of a burglary, your CCTV system can help identify criminals.

What's the difference between DIY intruder alarms and our services?

Often, with DIY intruder alarms, there is no aftercare service. A DIY system will alert you to a break in but won't support you any further. Our intruder alarms and CCTV offer 24/7 monitoring via our Alarm Receiving Centre with Police Response if required.