Access Control

Keep Your Business Secure And Access Regulated

We provide a free-of-charge site survey with all access control systems. This is important to ensure that your requirements are fully understood, as there is a wide range of access control hardware available. We strive to design and deliver you a system that maintains a high level of security, provides ease of use and remains within budget.

Access control systems allow businesses to secure all or part of their premises and restrict access to sensitive areas to individuals or groups of authorised people. Modern access control systems allow a single method of authorisation such as a swipe card or a touch key which can open as many or as few locks as required. For high-security applications, two forms of identification can be combined to form a two-factor authentication system such as requiring both a swipe card and a code to be entered, or a swipe card and a fingerprint/eye scan to be performed.

What access control do we provide?

  • Magnetic Swipe Card
  • Touch Keys / Touch Cards
  • Pin Code Pads
  • Door Entry Phones / Video Entry Phones
  • Biometric Access
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Electronic door locks
  • Magnetic and solenoid locks