CCTV Systems

Bespoke CCTV Systems

Citytalk Group offers a wide range of commercial CCTV systems to suit your requirements. Our team of security experts are happy to visit your business for a free site survey to establish which system would best suit your business needs. We also offer fully maintained installations with 24-hour support and are professionally monitored via our alarm receiver.

We offer two types of CCTV systems; IP systems which are recorded on NVR, and analogue which are recorded on DVR.

What's the difference between IP and analogue?

Ip systems are digital security cameras that send and receive security footage via a wireless network, this means they do not require a recording device but just a reliable network. The footage is captured in high-definition and comes equipped with a processing chip. This chip compresses the footage as it is being recorded to avoid consuming too much bandwidth. Analogue systems, on the other hand, are traditional cameras used in CCTV systems. Analogue cameras send recordings over cable to a DVR.

Our advanced Ip systems are network connected for local or remote viewing on a PC, mobile or tablet. Intrusion detection with target classifications helps to detect non-threats such as humans, vehicles, animals and more. Their cloud-based connections eliminate the need for complex IT configuration. We also offer integrations with access control, ANPR, intruder alarms, thermography and more.