Voice & Data

Voice and Data solutions to meet any business need

All businesses are becoming more reliant on modern telephony and data communications. The internet is no longer a "nice thing" to have it has become a must! As we continue to embrace Internet Protocol (IP) you'll need bespoke services specifically designed to increase your profitability through more efficient, robust practices.

In an ever-changing world, relying on technology to drive us all forward, City Talk Group voice & data solutions offer a wide range of telephony and data services to suit your business needs. In the workplace, Wifi has become an essential business tool, and with that in mind, we have developed our own Guest Wifi software. Our range of voice and data connectivity products is curated to give your business the flexibility and freedom you need to keep your business connected.

Our telephony and data services enable you to select several different features for your business and working environment. We offer cloud systems, inbound services, call recording and our specially developed call analytics alongside business-grade internet connectivity and Wifi services, to name a few.

Our Benefits

Award-winning customer service - You'll benefit from unparalleled customer service from our team of support specialists. 

Competitive pricing - We offer cost savings to rival many of the more popular competitors. 

Seamless transitions - We ensure a smooth and problem-free transition from your current to your new telephone system

Reliable connectivity - Benefit from high-speed and consistently reliable broadband connectivity.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does VoIP mean?

Firstly, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Now that we know that, we can understand that VoIP refers to voice-based phone calls using an internet connection as opposed to a standard telephony system.
VoIP converts voices into digital signals, compresses them and transfers them over the internet. VoIP can be a much simpler alternative due to the fact you don't require a phone line to make phone calls, meaning you can also save money on costly telephone charges.

What is a voice and data system?

Voice and data systems refer to the solutions we offer to put in place convenient and structured telecommunication and broadband technology for your business. Some examples of these are cloud or fixed-line systems, inbound services and broadband.