Audio Marketing

What is Audio Marketing?

Modern times call for modern solutions

Instead of letting your phones ring endlessly while waiting for a member of your team to answer, why not let a pre-recorded message let your customers know exactly what to do to reach the appropriate people in your team? Audio marketing leads to a more efficient way of working as well as customer satisfaction.

Professionally recorded greetings bring a level of sophistication to any modern company and can be fully customised to your business requirements. Audio marketing makes it possible is able to direct calls straight to a DDI, even when a team member is away from their desk or occupied with another phone call. Professional recording can also run 24/7, letting your customers know where they can reach you during out of hours. Hearing a human voice on the other end of the line also brings a personal touch to their experience, so even if their call is not able to be answered at that time, their first touch will always be a pleasant one.

Consistency is key

Audio marketing is a crucial part of any company that relies on telephone systems to run its business. Audio recordings give a professional feel and make your customers feel valued. Professional recordings give your business consistency as opposed to a phone ringing off the hook with no answer. These recordings can deliver vital information to customers and help them make an informed decision on who they need to contact. This allows for a more efficient way of running and eliminates the need for your staff to answer calls which are directed at someone else.