Inbound Services

Make It Easy For Customers To Contact You

Inbound calls are made by your caller to your business. These calls are usually directed, but not limited to your customer care or support teams. We ensure that your telephone systems are set up with various inbound routing functions leading to higher customer satisfaction.

What inbound services do we offer?

Freephone Numbers

Freephone numbers are numbers with distinct three-digit codes. The numbers allow calls to be made free of charge within the UK. These numbers are particularly common with customer care departments.

0845 and 0870 Numbers

These numbers are usually used by larger businesses and these types of numbers incur a fee for a caller. There are many benefits to using these numbers, including the fact they are not associated with any specific location. This means your business can retain a national image. Another benefit is that you can generate a small income. The service charge payable to you helps to cover essential costs like operator wages.

Local Geographics Numbers

These numbers are specific to a town or location within the UK. Local numbers tend to give higher customer satisfaction and confidence as they are recognisable to them. The great thing about these numbers is that even if you are not local to your customers, you can appear to be.

Conference Calling

We all know how the events of the past couple of years have changed how we are able to meet with clients. Setting up conference calls allows you to connect with multiple participants simultaneously.

Call Recording

Call recording allows your business to document conversations. Call recording can help to resolve conflicts, allows your staff to work more efficiently, leads to higher customer satisfaction and more. Knowing you can rely on a recording to catalogue conversations can give you and your business peace of mind.